Despegando Hacia la Lectura™

comprehensive Spanish-language early literacy resource.

Despegando hacia la lectura™ is a comprehensive, Spanish-language, early literacy resource that can be fully implemented as a stand-alone early literacy program. Combine it with its English language counterpart – the award-winning Flying Start to Literacy™ – for rigorous dual-literacy instruction.

Despegando hacia la lectura has been carefully crafted with meticulous attention paid to the unique issues relating to phonics and phonemic awareness for Spanish language learners. It reflects the core structure of the Spanish language.

What is unique about Despegando hacia la lectura?

  • Supports language development among all learners with emphasis on key vocabulary

  • Scaffolds both English and Spanish learners toward reading and language proficiencies in their primary as well as secondary language

  • Delivers in Spanish all teacher talk and instructions by the teacher to the students.

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